Bankruptcy Appraisals

When going through the bankruptcy process, an attorney will often have a real estate appraisal completed in order to accurately assess the property’s fair market value. It is important to obtain the services of a qualified real estate appraiser, such as Dunwoody Home Appraiser, who has the proper certification and experience within your market area. A well-qualified appraiser will help make the entire valuation portion of the bankruptcy run smoothly.

A bankruptcy appraisal is completed for purposes as laid out by the court. It sets the market value of your property in a bankruptcy proceeding. A credible bankruptcy appraisal report from Dunwoody Home Appraiser provides the fair market value, market analysis, and all other necessary property information for your particular residential property.

Significant discrepancies in the value of your home can create potential problems in bankruptcy, and can drag out the process in an already lengthy and stressful situation. If the value is listed too low, the client runs the risk of a trustee objecting to their scheduled valuation and potentially asking the court for permission to seize your home. If a value is listed too high, a client may miss out on the availability of a Chapter 7 and/or end of paying back more than necessary in a Chapter 13.

Our appraisers will estimate asset collateral values of secured creditors and debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing, help to identify and value sale/leasebacks, spin-offs, licensing, and other re-organization opportunities, and are often involved in structuring and valuing restructured debt and equity instruments as well as assessing and giving educated opinions on the fairness of proposed re-organization plans.

Our team of certified and experienced appraisers at Dunwoody Home Appraiser understands the complexities involved in valuating all residential property types under these difficult circumstances. We always work hard to provide you the best possible experience. Call us today for a complimentary consultation.