Estate & Date of Death Appraisals

After the death of a family member or loved one, the process of settling his or her estate can be especially difficult. When emotions are high and there are pressing, time-sensitive concerns, having a team of professional experts from Dunwoody Home Appraisers will make the transition smoother as we guide you through the process. The first step during this process is determining the value of the property in question. The value needed in an estate or date of death appraisal may be the property’s current market value or the retrospective value, which is the property’s value as of a specific prior date (usually the date of death).

An estate or date of death appraisal is typically used to set the tax basis for the property. For estate tax purposes or disposition of the assets of a decedent, a date of death appraisal is often required. (Sometimes, the executor of the estate may choose to have the date be six months after the date of death — but the same principles apply.)

Dunwoody Home Appraiser will help you to look at the relevant factors for the valuation of your inherited property. Together, you’ll review details including the recent area listed prices, selling price of comparable properties, cost of replacement, expert opinions, and the date of ownership or inheritance.

We ensure that all estate settlements and appraisal cases with Dunwoody Home Appraiser are taken care of on a priority basis. Our knowledgeable team of certified appraisers is ready to help answer your questions regarding any type of estate settlement case. The process of settling an estate is an important job, but it can be a stressful process. We want to help you make it a little easier.

Regardless of your needs or the elapsed time, our staff of state-certified appraisers at Dunwoody Home Appraiser understand the complexities involved in assessing the value of a property under these difficult circumstances. We strive provide you with the best possible experience.

Dunwoody Home Appraiser proves to be Dunwoody’s top provider of estate and date of death appraisals. We provide a level of service and communication that is personal and unmatched with over a decade’s experience in the Dunwoody area. Contact us today to schedule your estate or date of death appraisal today. We have the experience and qualifications to meet all your appraisal needs.