Pre-Listing Appraisals


Considering selling your home in the Dunwoody area? A pre-listing appraisal will help you in determining an accurate value for your property prior to listing your home.

When selling your home, one of the most important steps is establishing the right listing price. Pricing a home that has had numerous and costly improvements may present a challenge, because cost does not always equal value. Oftentimes homeowners would like to price their home for an amount that will help them recover their costs, but this may not be realistic. An appraisal from Dunwoody Home Appraiser will give you the most accurate value for your home.

In addition to attracting buyers with a realistic selling price, a pre-listing appraisal can be a very valuable negotiating tool once you have a potential buyer. A pre-listing appraisal report can impress potential buyers with written proof of your home’s condition, inside and out. It will also make yourself aware of problems and eliminate last-minute repair hassles that might delay a closing, decrease the chances of unknown problems that cause sales to fall through, or eliminate the wait for the buyer or their mortgage company to get the appraisal done on their own.

We have experienced appraisers in the Dunwoody area who deal with real estate valuation questions on a daily basis. We know how to value real estate accurately. Dunwoody Home Appraiser proves to be Dunwoody’s top provider of pre-listing appraisals. Call us today for an in-depth consultation and guidance provided by a state-certified appraiser. We have the experience and qualifications to meet all of your appraisal needs.